Strength, Unity, Posse!

Friendship is support, kindness and compassion. It is a shoulder to cry on, hugs of celebration and keen ears to listen without judgement when life overwhelms and our hearts ache for hope.  It is small gestures, encouraging words and gentle reminders that we are worth it, we are beautiful, and we are capable of great things. Friendship – is ThePeakPosse.

Sound like a fairytale? Well buckle up, Cinderella, we’re real, and we’re fabulous!

Comprised of over 500 women from a dozen countries, we are daughters, mothers and grandmothers with one common goal – get healthy and give back. Brought together by our shared love of author Diana Gabaldon’s novel, Outlander, and Starz Network’s immensely popular adaptation, ThePeakPosse began as a communication tool for a small group interested in supporting actor Sam Heughan’s MyPeakChallenge health and fitness initiative benefiting Bloodwise.

Driven to do more on behalf of Bloodwise’s leukemia fight, ThePeakPosse added a fundraising piece to our goal and continued efforts with actors Caitriona Balfe and Graham McTavish’s chosen charities, World Child Cancer and Action for Children. Together, we pooled our creative talents and raised a total of over $55,000 for all three amazing organizations. Raffle baskets, knitted specialties and individual challenges contributed to the effort – thus our motto: There is no strength without unity.

But fundraising is only a small portion of the Posse, what sets us apart from fan groups is our goal to empower each other in a safe, positive environment for women from all walks and stages of life, each determined to achieve their best physical and mental health. We share exercise tips, healthy recipes, and laughter – a hell of a lot of laughter – all while being each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We are flawed, and open about our failures as well as successes. We are cancer survivors and warriors in the fight, diabetics and triathletes, trainers, nutritionists and chocoholics – we are human! And what prompted each of us to join ThePeakPosse – this:

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Each week The Peak Posse Post will spotlight a member, organization or surprise guest! (Hint: One may growl and wear a killer hoodie!)  Check out the links at the top of the page for our current charitable fundraisers and a little more of our history.

We hope you’ll follow us and join in our mission to do more! Our social media links are on the right of the page, or you can reach us at

Sparkle On!


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7 Responses to Strength, Unity, Posse!

  1. The Peak Posse says:

    Go Posse!


  2. Teresa says:

    This is a great idea, and great implementation!


  3. Lori Bell says:

    LOVE the Peak Posse!


  4. I love this and I love our Posse!


  5. So proud to be a part of this group! To all my Sisters In Sweat I say TULACH ARD!!


  6. Fabulous idea! Looking forward to the next round of MPC. Woot!


  7. Terri says:

    ThePeakPosse : We Sparkle On !!!!!


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