Meet Bear Strength – The Gents Behind The Growl!

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Whether you are new to MyPeakChallenge or tackling round two, one thing is certain – you’ve fallen in love with Bear Strength active wear. But did you ever wonder about the gents behind the growl? Today we’re thrilled to have Andy Shear, co-owner of Bear Strength here for a chat, and to tell us more about the business side of the Bears – and what drives their success.

Thank you for joining us today, Andy. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and Bear Strength Clothing, Co.

Me and my business partner (and brother), Gareth started Bear Strength mid-2013. It is very much a family run business. We also like to employ local graduates in a bid to help with the local economy and take on university leavers and create a career for them. We are located in Cardiff, South Wales.

In the Posse we are big supporters of Bear Strength; the high quality clothes are super soft and easy to wear; tell us about the manufacturing process?

We do our best to source high quality items, at a sustainable cost. All items that we end up retailing have gone through testing with the team members at Bear Strength, along with external testing by our sponsored athletes. This way we know we can offer a good product to our customers. We also do our best to employ local companies to help in the manufacturing of our products, again to help with local employment and economy.

Ever think of having a design contest for a t-shirt?

This is something that we have thought of doing with regards to our kid’s range, however at the current time this is not something we will be offering. Keep an eye out in the future though.

Bear Strength is a huge supporter of actor, Sam Heughan’s MyPeakChallenge fundraiser for Bloodwise. How did your company first get involved?

So we first got involved with MyPeakChallenge after being approached by Sam in 2014. We wanted to be involved in more fund raising opportunities to give something back and after Sam explained his vision to us and the awareness that he wanted to raise, we were on board to help in any way we could.

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Photo Credit: The Box Magazine

With such fabulous gear to wear, what do you do for exercise?

Exercise wise, the team at Bear Strength have quite a broad outlook when it comes to training. A number of us have been doing CrossFit for a few years, while other enjoy boxing, yoga and running. Group walks and team fitness events are ways in which we try to do things in a group or as a team. With such a brilliant local fitness community, it’s easy to go out with a group of friends, be active and healthy.

We ask all of our blog guests get the same final question: Who or what motivates you most?

I think since being involved within the CrossFit community and MyPeakChallenge, hearing life changing stories from individuals is what motivates me. To hear the amazing changes people have made to the new and different challenges people are taking on, it would be hard not to be motivated by these amazing people.

A big Posse thank you to Andy for visiting today; Bear Strength is a family business with a special place in their hearts for giving back. Looking forward to our MyPeakChallenge t-shirts, and all the fabulous new apparel. And a HUGE grateful shout-out for your gift certificate donation to ThePeakPosse gift basket!  More details on that next week! Or, visit our JustGiving site today!

Make sure to visit their website for fantastic gear for the entire family. Click here: Bear Strength Clothing, Co.

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3 Responses to Meet Bear Strength – The Gents Behind The Growl!

  1. Karen Vallaire says:

    Great hearing from the awesome people at Bear Strength! I love their clothing and am very impressed with their involvement with My Peak Challenge.

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  2. Reblogged this on Inspired by Outlander and commented:
    Fantastic blog post! I’ve written about Bear Strength Clothing Co. in past posts. I really enjoyed reading about the brothers from Wales who founded the company. I cannot say enough good things about their clothing, the Bear Strength team, and their willingness to support various charitable endeavors.


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